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Why did he feel like this script for the video would be extremely insulting to the content creators?

Speaking in English mixed with Mandarin would be irritating enough; he was even laying down requirements for their use of onomatopoeia? They had to say ‘uh-oh’ fourteen times and not a single time less? Did he think that content creators were not losing fans quickly enough?

The final matter was about the fees.

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The content creators were to be paid according to the number of fans they had. However, overall, the fees that Boss Pei was offering were too… too generous! Pei Qian even prepared an additional amount to be used to raise the offer!

It was obvious that Pei Qian had predicted some content creators would reject this high-value sponsorship request (mainly due to their own pride or ego).

It was alright even if they wanted to reject it at first; Boss Pei would offer them more money! Of course, it was not a limitless amount. The highest they could raise the fees offer to was two times.

Lu Mingliang guessed that it would be hard for these content creators to reject this amount. This was because Pei Qian selected the less-famous content creators. These people were finding it hard enough to make a living; there was no reason for them to cherish their own pride and ego that much.

However, for Tengda, this seemed like a lose-lose situation.

The content creators would surely be cursed by their fans. Then, people would stop watching them and recommending them to their friends. Tengda would be spending this huge amount of money to achieve limited marketing success. They would lose money.

Just thinking about this outcome made Lu Mingliang feel helpless.

“Calm down. Boss Pei must have his own reasons for doing this. If you don’t understand this document, don’t act of your own accord. Just do as it says.”

Lu Mingliang had no choice but to log on to various video websites to contact the content creators on Pei Qian’s list.

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In a certain rented house in Beijing…

Qiao Liang looked dispirited. He was holding up a bowl of instant noodles and slurping for it. It was a bowl, not a cup. This was because he could no longer afford cup noodles. He could only afford the packet ones.