I want to make money online how to do lectures

I want to make money online how to do lectures

Pei Qian pulled his mask down slightly. “It’s me.”

Manager Lu was very surprised. He quickly said, “Boss Pei? Why are you here? Please come in.”

He might not know why Boss Pei was here but anything that could make Boss Pei come here personally was definitely not a small matter.

Pei Qian followed Manager Lu into the lounge. He immediately heard the players discussing battle tactics.

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“Our playstyle is not good. Our hands and feet are still tied. The last two matches today were still alright, but the first match with SUG was so dangerous that we almost lost!”

“That’s right. The elimination tournament tomorrow will definitely be much more intense than the group stages. There is a high risk that we’ll fail if we are to continue playing like this.”

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“Why don’t we resume our usual playing style? We can slowly adapt to GOG’s playing style after we obtain the qualifications for the international competition.”

“I think so too. We have to obtain the qualifications for the international competition first. Otherwise, everything would be in vain.”

The players had their own opinions, and the debate was rather intense.

Manager Lu looked a little awkward as he said in a low voice, “Boss Pei, don’t mind them. The players don’t have any conflicts. They’re just discussing the tactics in the game.”

He was afraid that the scene in the lounge would leave a bad impression on Boss Pei.

Even though Boss Pei said that he would not interfere with the operations of the FV Club when he was investing, it was one thing for Boss Pei to not interfere. It was another thing for Wu Yue and Manager Lu to not care about Boss Pei’s opinion.

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Wu Yue and Manager Lu cared about Boss Pei’s views from all sorts of angles.

Boss Pei gave both money and resources, which was the players. This All-Stars team was basically formed by Boss Pei now;

From the decision making point of view, Boss Pei had created the GPL league and was a producer of GOG. His understanding of game content and the E-Sports industry was much higher than Wu Yue and Manager Lu.

Therefore, even if Boss Pei said that he would not interfere with the operations of FV Club, Manager Lu and Wu Yue would still try to guess Boss Pei’s intentions and try their best to run the club according to the way Boss Pei was satisfied with.