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“No, no, no, no, No, I can’t be helped with the princess. The princess already has the power of the 【Advanced Warrior】 class at the moment.”

“But you can’t be too relaxed either, can you? Your father acquired the 【Advanced Warrior】 at the age of 16, just a year after graduating from the Academy, and he defeated the Great Demon King when he was 18.”

“After graduating from the Academy, the 【Aspiring Warrior】 is, of course, recruited as an 【Imperial Knight】, right? The current academy standard is quite rudimentary, so your training will be restarted from scratch, Young Master.”

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“That’s why as the son of a hero, you have to give it your best.”

And...... that’s what I was told by the people I was most familiar with.

Instructors, classmates, and even people I just met say things like this.

Of course, even my real parents say it...

“That’s right! By all means, please treat my dumb son well once he graduates!”


Uugh!.... He’s here......

“L- Lord Hiro!?”

“Hey, don’t be like that. Training hard? You got an advanced promotion exam soon, right? Good luck with that.” [2]

“Oh, thank you!”