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What is more reliable on online part-time money?

Chang You was already prepared for this.

He knew that Boss Pei did not like hearing successful results. Instead, he liked looking for problems. Thus, before the meeting began, he had already planned to analyze the cell phone’s problems after announcing its successes. That would help them to set the future direction.

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Pei Qian expected to be a wet blanket by posing that question to Chang You, but Chang You seemed well-prepared. He was speechless. It was almost as if his employees’ defenses were too powerful. He was finding it increasingly difficult to overcome them...

After talking about the cell phone’s successes, Chang You began talking about the cell phone’s flaws.

“At the moment, inventory is the biggest problem for our cell phone.

“To small manufacturers, inventory is often a problem that’s difficult to resolve. At the end of the day, it’s all about money. If one wanted more stocks, they would have to prepare enough money for the supply chain. At the same time, their warehouses would have to store a lot of goods.

“Storing inventory is very dangerous. If a cell phone is sold for two thousand yuan with a profit of a hundred yuan, that means that twenty cell phones have to be sold to cover the cost of storing one cell phone. That’s a very scary ratio.

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“However, having a lack of supply is another problem. Consumers’ desire to buy goods would not be satisfied on the spot. After calming down due to the lack of stock, they might end up buying cell phones of other brands.

“For a company of our size, that’s a very tricky situation.

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“On top of that, the details of our cell phones are far from ideal. A high-end cell phone cannot be lacking in details...

“...all in all, our aim for the next stage is to remain steady. We have to build on our brand’s name and fame and better organize the supply chain, so that we can release the new and improved E1 by the second half of the year. In addition, we have to work hard to guarantee adequate supply so that we can move up a tier!”

Pei Qian remained silent. He seemed to have noticed a paradox. Often, when he offered guidance, the situation would strangely turn around, and projects would start generating profits.

However, when he did not offer guidance and let things be, projects would still generate profits. Take this time, for instance. Chang You had set a steady path for Otto’s cell phone. Should Pei Qian interfere or not?

Once Chang You finished speaking, he instinctively turned to observe Boss Pei’s reaction. Boss Pei was frowning and in deep thought.

Chang You could not help but feel nervous.

What is Boss Pei thinking about? Did he find a problem with my plan? Is he thinking of a better one?

That can’t be. Boss Pei is far-sighted. He must have thought of a better plan already; he shouldn’t be starting to think of one right now.