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I called his name as I let go of his hand, then I wrapped my arms around his neck. So, although I feel like his height is unexpectedly short, I was shocked for a second…However, I realized right away.

“Right, he couched down for me.”

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Also, I realized why did Tasuku do that.

In reality, Tasuku wanted to answer my feelings. So, he wrapped his hand around my waist while using the other to hold my head …and, pulling me next to him.

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In the darkness, the headphones with white lights are getting closer.


I called his name again, intoxicatedly.

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Then, I bravely opened my eyes and leaned toward the lips-

[Note: In case you were confused by the colors. At the start, Amano is blue, Tendou is red, Konoha is green, Uehara is white, Aguri is orange, Chiaki is yellow. After the shuffling, Chiaki, Tendou, Uehara, Konoha are blue. Aguri is red. Amano is white.]

Keita Amano

“Tendou-san…is really gentle, after all…”

The partner with red headphones is so nervous that her hand began to sweat, but she still grabbed my hands tightly and followed me…Honestly, she’s way more elite and a reliable person compared to me. But now, …she’s willing to submit herself to me.

I really appreciated that…At the same time, I made up my mind in my heart.

“I still love Tendou-san. Also, …Tendou-san has chosen me as well.”

The situation is already ready. All that remains…is what I’ve discussed with Aguri-san before.

This means that…