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「Flare -〈Flame Axe〉!」

「Blow -〈Wind Kid〉!」

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「Slay -〈Triple Blade〉!」

They deployed their soul dress all at once.

「That’s amazing.」

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To think they manifested it of their own strength without taking soul dress classes.

It seems that these three have talent which cannot be compared with me.

「Hehe, are you surprised?」

「Yeah, I’m surprised.」

When I gave my honest impression, anger was reflected in their eyes.

「Guh, let’s see how long you can keep up that confident act!!!」

「Don’t underestimate us, you dropout trash swordsman!!!」


The three of them raised a loud roar and attacked simultaneously.

From the right side, sharp upwards wind slash.

From the left side, three-bladed diagonal slash.

And, from the front, a downwards slash clad in scorching red flames.