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“I hope that everyone could come in to support before the final results are out. If you think this book is alright, please subscribe. Let us create a new record on Zhongdian Chinese Network!

“I’m also working hard on my writing. I’ll update with a 10,000-word chapter once midnight strikes!

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“Thank you, everyone!” Pei Qian was feeling a little dizzy.

“What the f*ck...?”.

If they were to go by normal circumstance, the last 12 hours would definitely not be able to attract as much traffic as the first 12 hours. Putting the estimate at 13,000 subscribers was a very normal figure.

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However, this was an excellent chance for Zhongdian Chinese Network. Ma Yiqun, therefore, was using everything at his disposal at Zhongdian Chinese Network to promote it!

The rest of the 12 hours had two peak readerships: during afternoon and night. It was possible to double the readership!

Zhongdian Chinese Network’s greatest problem had been that the lower and mid-tier authors had always had average benefits, but no novel had really great results.

Cui Geng’s original book had an average of 5,000 subscribers which put him at rank 40-50 on Zhongdian Chinese Network. Cui Geng was also one of the better achievers in class.

Ma Yiqun and Pei Qian were both very aware of this fact.

Pei Qian, therefore, rejected Ma Yiqun’s request to poach masters from outside to spend the money on the mid and low-tier writers. However, he did not think that this class could actually still produce a super author!

An 8,000 subscribership was nothing compared to a large site like Infinite Chinese Network. Perhaps a dozen authors there could obtain such traffic.

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However, an author with a 15,000 subscribership would also be a prominent author in Infinite Chinese Network!

That meant to say that from then on, Zhongdian Chinese Network would also have masterpieces and prominent authors!

Moreover, that was not the crucial point.

The most crucial point was that Ma Yiqun used so many resources to promote one novel also for publicity to show the rest of the authors a kind of exemplary behavior. It meant: ‘Did you see it? You could also get a 15,000 subscriber if you were to write well on Zhongdian Chinese Network!’If it were to persist, the average subscribership might even hit 30,000 to 40,000 without a problem!

The originally lower and mid-tier authors had good benefits on Zhongdian Chinese Network. Many authors did not go on board because they felt that there was not enough visibility on the website.

However, there was evidence that there was ample readership on the website. The upper limits had been raised so more authors would definitely come onboard!

It was the same logic for readers. Many readers previously might feel that there weren’t many top-quality good books on the Zhongdian Chinese Network and treated this website as a spare tire. They would only come here when there were no other good books on the Infinite Chinese Network.