Courseware online platform to make money

Courseware online platform to make money

“Huh? You’re busy with another project?”

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Meng Chang shook his head. “Of course not. I’m only busy with our platform this month.”

“I’ve spent all my time researching Teacher Qiao’s videos.”

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“I want to better grasp the essence of the Pei family’s publicity method through my research on Boss Pei’s previous publicity method.”

“Everyone is right. This is indeed a very mediocre publicity plan. The publicity effect is very poor.”

“However, as I said from the beginning, this is part of the publicity plan. In this publicity method, the early publicity effect need not be considered at all. The worse it is, the better.”

“The first goal of the initial publicity is to let as many people have an impression of the name ‘Dawn Games’. As for whether they will download the game platform and become users, that is a question that needs to be considered in the next stage of the plan.”

Li Yada could not help but ask, “Then… what should we do next?”

Meng Chang: “Keep it a secret for now. You’ll naturally know when that time comes.”

Everyone instinctively looked at each other, confused.

If Boss Pei had said that, everyone would have believed him without any hesitation.

However, Meng Chang’s words would still be more or less suspicious.

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Li Yada looked at Tang Yishu, hinting that she was the person-in-charge. It was time for her to express her stance.

Tang Yishu nodded slightly. “Yes, I… I believe in you.”