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"Good morning, Kikyo-chan. And also---Ayanokouji and Horikita-chan, was it? Are you on a date surrounded by two beautiful girls?".

"No, that's not it".

I was acquainted with Shibata but I had not expected him to remember my name properly. That made my slightly happy and I desperately suppressed my face that was about to burst into a grin.

"What's up today? This is an unusual combination".

While feeling appreciative towards Hirata, who did not suspect anything strange, I decided to boldly speak the truth.

"It's reconnaissance. We've come to mark the students from the other classes that we ought to keep an eye on".

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"Ohh. So that means right away Shibata man's been perfectly marked?".

Shibata swiftly stepped forward to show off his speed. That cheerfulness of his that made no effort to conceal his abilities. I wonder if that's because he's part of Class B under Ichinose's leadership or because it's simply his nature.

"Shibata-kun is as fast as the rumors say. Both Ayanokouji-kun and I were shocked".

Praised by a beautiful girl, Shibata happily rubbed the bottom of his nose with his index finger.

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"Shibata-kun's someone we need to pay special caution to. In Class B, he's the fastest. As for me, I'd rather not run in the same group as him".

"Even if you say such things, I won't let my guard down, Yousuke. Because you're fast too. How about Ayanokouji?".

"Since I'm part of the go-home club please take the hint".

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That's right too, as though saying that, Shibata crossed his arms together and laughed.