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Of course, this all depended on the events and rules that Class A would come up with.

It was more than possible that they might mix in a few fake events like this, just to make it more difficult for us.

“I know this hasn’t quite clicked with all of you yet, but this special exam is more complicated than you’re making it out to be.”

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If we were to go over each event one at a time, we’d eventually come up with some ideas that seem rather ridiculous.

At this point, it wouldn’t be that unusual for there to be strange ideas for events like rock-paper-scissors or poker.

After all, getting those crucial four wins would be far more important than trying to make yourself look good.

Regardless of how impractical the suggestions might seem to be, picking out the right people for events we know they can win is what mattered most in the end.

“I don’t even plan on taking up too much of your time.”

Or rather, it might be better for her to say that keeping everybody stuck here doesn’t necessarily mean we’d come up with good ideas right away.

“So for today, I’d like to leave everyone here with some homework. If possible, I want you to come up with ideas for events you’re good at and events where you think you’d absolutely never lose, and give them to me by after school tomorrow. It doesn’t matter if it’s something you do alone or if it’s done in a team.”

One of the five events that we end up picking needed to be a one-on-one event. Odds are that every single class would put one forward with the unshakable confidence that they wouldn’t lose it. However, when looked at from another angle, the damage done if you didn’t win would be immeasurable. That being the case, students with special skills or talents that can’t be outdone by others were highly desirable in this situation.

“But, there’s no point unless it’s something the school’d approve of, right? I don’t really understand what their standards are.”

Events and rules that are overly obscure would be turned down by the school.