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“These two games are still being updated???”

Qiao Liang saw the discussion in his fan group and thought that everyone was joking.

That can’t be, right? The game is so old and it’s still being updated?

Couldn’t they just let them rest in peace?

Qiao Liang could not help but sigh. Out of all the games companies he had seen, Tengda was definitely the most unique.

They obviously had a dominating online game like GOG in their hands. The new game was still being developed. The priority of developing these games would definitely be much higher than updating old games, right?

Yet, Boss Pei insisted on sending people to protect these old games that were no longer popular and few people played. That was ridiculous!

Was he really not going to give them up?

The old gamers of Tengda were really fortunate. Other games companies were basically indifferent to the old gamers. The old games would not be updated at all. They were just waiting to die of old age.

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On the other hand, Tengda would not give up no matter how old the game was. As long as old players persevered, they would be able to get new content!

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It was ridiculous.

Qiao Liang could not help but feel curious as he sighed. There were Easter eggs in the update announcements of the two games.