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This feeling was like thinking that he was playing well in Go but in the end, the other party suddenly linked five pieces together and won!

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Although Zhang Yuan did not really understand these things, he at least had basic sense and judgment.

To choose a shop, the location was crucial. Some so-called ‘golden streets’ could command rentals of six to seven yuan per square meter a day; why was that?

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The location was very good!

If the location was good, the surroundings were upscale; and human traffic was high. Any shop that would definitely make a profit. Conversely, if the location was bad and human traffic was low, no matter how good one’s shop was; who would purposely go all the way to patronize it?

Hence, the best location was definitely in some huge shopping spaces; especially big shopping malls.

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The area near a university was not bad either.

This site was just within a normal shopping district; it was also one street away from the shopping mall. The surroundings were rather quiet and empty; one look, and Ma Yang knew that human traffic here was not high!

The rental fee of three and fifty cents yuan per square meters a day was not considered expensive. However, the problem was it wasn’t that worth it for this location!

While Zhang Yuan was thinking about this, he wondered if he should voice out his concerns. After all, he was a newcomer and if he abruptly spoke out, would that be inappropriate?

However, if he didn’t say anything and this business collapsed… who would bear the blame?

Zhang Yuan was very conflicted.

“Alright, this place is not bad; I’ve decided!” Pei Qian made up his mind on the spot.

Zhang Yuan, “…”

He didn’t need to think further. Since Boss Pei had spoken, if Zhang Yuan continued to criticize this location, wasn’t that courting trouble for himself?