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“Still acting like a goody two shoes are you? You see, I know you real, reeeal well Kushida-senpai. You’re a nasty, vile woman who’s totally caught up in that cute lil’ face of yours. You feast off other people’s deepest darkest secrets, and if you ever get into trouble, you’ll gladly self-destruct just to drag everyone else down along with you. A real piece of work through and through, ain’tcha?”

“I don’t really understand what you’re talking about Amasawa-san… B-but, violence isn’t… allowed, right?”

“Then why don’tcha go and cry to school about it? You might even be able to get me expelled. But just know that if you do that I’ll have to leave behind a parting gift, okay? Just for you, I’ll expose a~l~l of the dark, dirty middle school secrets you’ve been trying so hard to keep hidden and take away your status.”

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Amasawa’s sudden appearance without so much as a bottle of water in hand wasn’t just some mere coincidence. No… Something was very wrong here.

“How do I know your secret? From the look on your face, it seems you’re thinking I heard it from Ayanokōji-senpai?”

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She looked at me with eyes that seemed to see through everything.

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“But, that would be in~correct. Nothing in this world gets past me. I’m a special existence, after all.”

“Nothing in this world…”

“How about I give you an example? Ah, what about that time you tried to cozy up to Student Council President Nagumo, but got turned away at the door? Well, honestly, even if that ended up working out for you, I doubt he’d be willing to support your cause now that Horikita-senpai’s joined the student council.”

“How… How do you even know about tha─!”

“Oh dear oh dear, how indeed~?”

Amasawa smiled down at me as if I was just some toy for her to play with, and just like that, I had reached the very limit of my patience.

“Who… Who fucking told you!?!?”

“Ooo, you’ve finally shown your true colors! That said, you really need to shush, yeah? I get that the island is real huge so it may seem like there’s no one around right now, but there’s no telling when someone else might show up.”

Amasawa crouched down and playfully tapped me on the nose, giving me a gentle, patronizing warning.

That rotten, smug, condescending attitude of hers pissed me off to no end.

“Stop it, you sh*tty bitch!”