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That existence is a person Ryuuen knows very well. There's no need to even think about it, the name of that person came out of his mouth.

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"Kikyo, huh? Certainly, for you, she's a troublesome one. The way this school is set up, if you have an enemy on the inside, there will be a fair amount of limitations you'll face".

To deal with the protuberance in front of my eyes. Those were my honest thoughts.

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There's no longer any need at this point to pay heed to rising up to Class A as well as expulsions occurring within the class but the problem is that, in Kushida's case, the one she's targeting is Horikita.

As for me, since I did something reckless during that rooftop incident, I can no longer make an enemy out of the former student council president Horikita Manabu. As long as he's still enrolled in this school, if his sister Horikita Suzune were to be expelled, that man probably won't forgive me.

In my school life, I'd like to avoid lighting up yellow signal lights.

"A few days ago, Kikyo called me, you know? She asked me when I'd attack. Unfortunately, at the time I was engrossed in my hunt for you and I didn't respond to her but ever since she lost during the test, she's been vigilantly watching out for an opportunity and she doesn't seem like she's given up desiring Suzune's expulsion. Kuku, she's quite an interesting woman".

"If you had used Kushida, you could have dealt a damaging blow to our class, right?".

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"If I had wanted to attack Suzune or the class, there was no better material to use. But to crush someone like you who's indifferent about your class, Kikyo is far too weak".

Certainly, if it was an attack against me, then Kushida is greatly insufficient.

"What're you intending on doing? Even if you can temporarily suppress it through the use of medicines, as long as the cancer isn't ablated, it won't be entirely gone. Not even that, it may even metastasize to the other organs, you know?".

Eventually, those organs will decay and die.

"I've already reached that conclusion. There's no need for discussion".

"Hmm? Then let me hear it, Ayanokouji. How exactly are you going to completely suppress Kikyo?".

"Do I need to answer that?".

"Whether this turns out the way you want or not, depends on that answer".

As though he were enjoying himself, Ryuuen laughed slightly. But perhaps the pain in his mouth is still present, as his smile instantly disappeared.