What online part-time is available online?

What online part-time is available online?

“If you go in order, it’ll probably be the Princess or a Rebal.”

“I’m here for Rebal~! He’s too cool!

“Hmm, by far I’m with Mr. Fu.”

“Fu is super first class as a mage too, but what about the duels?”

“No, you don’t understand, do you? The matchups will be announced on the day, so if the Princess and Rebal face each other early...”

“Ah. Earth might be the dark horse here.” [1]

I can also hear my name in the conversation among the guests arriving at the arena.

It’s only natural.

Today, four children of the Seven Heroes who defeated the Great Demon King and saved the human race and the world over ten years ago will come out.

They’re all looking forward to seeing the next generation of heroes and the potential for the future.

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『Ho. Seems quite the success. Though tis a game between children.』

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「That’s just what peace means compared to your time.」