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How should I put this… Aguri and this guy… are both really pure.

What exactly made them turn out this way? To be frank, the two of them had very few things in common, but I could strangely feel that there was a similar ‘essence’ at their very core. But… I couldn’t really grasp what that essence was. And… it was making my heart itch.

I looked at Amano who was walking around the arcade in a great mood.

In the past… I think I had… the same expression.

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I couldn’t recall when that was, and what I reacted to. But Amano’s smile stirred my heart so much because I felt the same way in the past.

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Amano seemed to have found a game, and tugged my sleeve.

"Uehara-san! Let’s play that one next! Please!"

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“Ah? Whatever, really now, which game is it─"

As I grumbled even though I wasn’t really against it─ I suddenly noticed the prominent figure of a beautiful blonde girl in my field of vision. I only saw the side of her face, but that was obviously the pride of our school, the school idol Tendo Karen. She was out of place in the arcade, and there were players who ended their games because they were staring at her… What was going on?

And from the way Tendo was looking around in search of something… To be frank, I got the gist of the situation, so I decided to tell Amano who had not noticed Tendo yet.

"Hey Amano, look over there─"

"Ah, Uehara-san."

Amano interjected with a nervous voice. I was wondering what was the matter and noticed he was looking behind me… At the entrance of the arcade. I followed Amano’s gaze─ and standing there was…

A group in Otobuki uniform walked harmoniously into the arcade.

I took a look, and saw that they were the classmates who usually hangs out with me. The five of them were Daiki, Masaya, Shiyouji, Mika and Reina.

My body stiffened on reflex. Thinking about it carefully, there was nothing to be ashamed of, I was just hanging out with my classmate Amano… But I couldn’t stop my reaction in that instant.

However… that reaction was enough for a gloom to cover Amano’s smile.

… Before the five of them took notice… Amano turned his back to me before I could say anything, and left with his head lowered.