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“You watched that as well!”

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While I still don’t understand this person’s hobbies, I didn’t expect that fighting games aren’t all she interested in.

Just as I’m catching my breath from all that yelling, perhaps Nina-senpai was a bit sympathetic towards me. Her attitude softens.

“But, I didn’t know that you’ll be troubled by love as well.”

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“Of course. Who do you think I am?”

“A ruffian boy.”

“That’s hurtful.”

It’s such a realistically cheap comment. A ruffian boy.

Nina-senpai’s still looking at me loosely. She even continued while yawning.

“Then, how did it go? Don’t tell me it’s those cliché love rivals plot…”

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“…Fake Umehara, let me ask you this-“

“You don’t need to ask me! What do you want! I’m sorry for being such a shabby person! Yes, I’m so shabby! I’m the type of “I think no one has heard of it, but I quite like X recently,” with X being a mainstream title! What’s wrong!”

“I’m not trying to imply anything…Sigh, i-it should be fine even when a rival in love appeared.”

“Please don’t mention “rival in love” with such a faint smile on your face! Let me tell you, this is not as simple as you think…”

“Oh, really. Ah, …I’m sorry. I just imagined a bunch of shabby plots…For example, a guy and the female protagonist who was supposed to be rivals in love. While they claimed that they don’t have any feelings for each other, they’re pretty close in actuality. I just imagined this kind of shojo manga plot development. You’re right, such a shabby frustration can’t happen in real life…”


I looked away and fell silent. Nina-senpai then stared at me with a “Really?” look.

“…Hey, Fake Umehara…”