what are money orders

what are money orders

Wasn’t it normal and logical for heroes to be bought?

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According to the original charging standards, IOI could have grown into a behemoth with annual revenue of more than a billion US dollars and become the ruler of MOBA games.

However, he did not expect GOG to appear out of nowhere.

They had forcefully reduced the price of skins to a cabbage price with a posture of heaven and earth sharing life and suffering losses.

Finger Games was helpless. The market was being snatched up too badly. They could only lower their prices.

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It would be difficult for the price to rise again after it had been reduced.

Eric and Zhao Xuming should have been making use of IOI’s east wind to lie down and earn money. Why would they be as embarrassed as they were now?

Eric did not have much of an expression. “We’ll just do as instructed.”

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The upper echelons of Dayak Corporation had already decided on something. There was no way they would change it.

Thus, no matter how they complained, it would not affect what IOI would do in the future.

Zhao Xuming nodded slightly. He knew this very well.

“However, on the bright side, with IOI’s huge size, this bit of criticism would not hurt your nerves and bones.”

“What’s more, it’s indeed beneficial to greatly increase revenue. The bonuses would definitely be higher if the camp were to be harvested.”