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Afterwards, we talked a bit while finishing our lunch. Since we are the latecomers here, most of the students eating lunch here have already finished up and left. Of course, there are students here and there who have stayed behind to have a chat or to take their time eating.

"I'd like to continue where we left off at the library. If it's not a bother, would you please read this?".

Saying that, Shiina places something on the table. Don. A heavy sound you wouldn't have expected from it at first glance resounded.

"Have you read any of these books before, Ayanokouji-kun?".

She just took four books out of her bag. No wonder it's so heavy.

William Irish and Ellery Queen as well as Lawrence Block and Isaac Asimov.

"You've got good taste.....".

These are all mystery novels, masterpieces of old.

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"You can tell?".

"I'm also a fan of the mystery genre".

Shiina happily laughs while bringing her hands together. And that's when I realized something was off about the books.

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"These aren't from the library, are they?".