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The world sure is small.

There are connections in unexpected places.

And now that we’ve finished the simple greetings,

「By the way, Clown-san. I have something to talk about with you for a little bit.」

I decided to get down to business right away.

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「Ah, aah… I suppose you do…」he scratched his cheek, with a forced smile.

As expected, he seems to have sent us after knowing about the current state of Dagrio.

「About that, I sincerely apologize.」

Clown-san took off his hat and bowed his head deeply.

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The usual silly attitude was nowhere to be seen.

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It was a sincere apology.

「P-Please raise your head, Clown-san!」

「He suddenly became serious…」

「…Did you have reasons for why you couldn’t say?」

We were a little taken aback by the difference from his usual personality.

「As Rose-san says, there were some difficult circumstances over here as well. It may sound like an excuse, but… Would you mind listening to me for a bit?」

「Yes, of course.」