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Since then, I’ve only eaten sandwiches that she made for me.

“... ts.....tsu...”

“...... Earth?”

I’ve been eating this since I was a kid.

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Why? It hasn’t been that many days since I left home.

However, I really missed the taste of this sandwich.

The fluffy texture of bread. The crispy lettuce. The original sauce smeared on ham.

“Is it good?”

“...... ou...”

I couldn’t twist it and say things like “it’s bad” or “I don’t want to eat it again”.

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“Well, I agree... Hmm~! It’s wonderful! It’s really delicious! I’ve never had such a delicious sandwich!”

“...... is that so...”

If I had been alone, I might have cried.

However, because Kron was here, like hell I would ever cry, I welled up my tears and suddenly endured it.