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Today was a holiday, and I was thinking of taking a proper rest after a long time, but…

Suddenly an appointment came up, so I was now hastily heading towards an ice cream shop in the center of Orest.

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「Err, I’m sure it should be around this area …」

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As I looked around with the brochure of the shop in one hand,

「Allen-kun! Here, here!」

From behind, I heard the president’s loud voice.

Looking behind, there was the figure of the president calling out to me while hopping lightly, in lovely casual clothes.

「-Sorry, did I make you wait long?」

「No, I just arrived as well, so it’s alright.」

The president smiled gently and glanced at me from top to bottom.

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「…… Allen-kun’s casual clothes are fresh. Un, I think it looks very good.」

Due to the president’s wish, I went out in casual clothes after a long time

My top is a simple white shirt with black haori, and the bottom is dark blue pants. 1

All of these are things that Paula-san presented to me on my birthday.

「Thank you. President, you look good too.」