What can I do with people?

What can I do with people?

Therefore, Pei Qian felt that engaging in such healthy meals should be the lowest risk option. Some urban young white-collar workers might consume them, but they would not be in large numbers.

The characteristics of Fish-Catching Take-Out (tableware recycling) determined that it would not be profitable until the scale reached a certain level.

This set of fitness meals could be bundled with the gym membership. At the same time, it could dissuade gym customers and existing Fish-Catching Take-Out customers, killing two birds with one stone!

Pei Qian was in awe of his own wits.

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Rui Yuchen fell into silence after hearing what Boss Pei had to say.

He was actually promoted instead of being criticized even though it had been making losses!!

Fish-Catching Take-Out and Fish-Catching Internet Cafe were now on the same level. Not only that, but he would also be reporting directly to Boss Pei now.

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Anyone who had watched palace court dramas knew that being able to speak to the emperor was in itself a great power! That meant that Fish-Catching Take-Out finally did not need to succumb to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe but could now jump out of this framework to develop its own business!

The Gourmet Laboratory and fitness meals were even more meaningful.

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The former meant that Boss Pei attached great importance to the prospect of Fish-Catching Take-Out. The latter meant that Boss Pei was willing to use the other companies to help Fish-Catching Take-Out!

These three points exuded strong hints.

Do your best! I would support you unconditionally!

Rui Yuchen could not help but be moved inexplicably. He was more certain of his previous thoughts now!

Boss Pei’s first question really had a second layer to its meaning!

Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was making losses because of the operating model.

Healthy meals were not strong in taste so they were not pleasing in the first place.

The steps of destruction, cleaning, disinfection, and recycling of tableware would pile up costs. The cost would only be recovered when a certain scale was reached.