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(No matter how you look at it, the president has him in the palm of her hand. If the person in question is good with it, then that’s fine… I guess?)

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When I was thinking of that,

「Well… Sebas, it’s finally your turn! Please defeat the『General』of White Lily Academy!」

The president gave out a rather difficult order.

「My turn…? I don’t really get it, but if the president desires it, I will defeat whatever general it is! 」

Sebas-san pulled out the sword fastened on his hips, in high and proud spirits.

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Even from a distance, you could tell that it was covered in rust – an unreliable sword.

「W-What a flashy appearance!? In the history of the Sword King Festival, I wonder if there has ever been a flashier entrance!?」

The commentator, who did not know about the situation, roused up the audience.

It seems that the act just now was perceived as a『performance』.

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「Now then, going against contestant Sebas who enlivened the venue is, General of White Lily Academy – Lily Gonzalez! Her school prides itself with its overwhelming destructive power – the Vajra Style! Perhaps even the person who boasts the strongest『physical strength』of her generation – The Heroine of White Lily Academy !」

A female student slowly climbed up to the stage.