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“I don’t understand why she would abandon Sudou-kun just to punish him. If she’s dissatisfied about something, she should tell him directly. That’s what being a friend is for.”

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I didn’t think Horikita considered Sudou a friend in the first place… Putting that aside, she wasn’t the type of person who would teach this nicely. She had no sense of responsibility for others.

“You should do what you believe is right. Wanting to help Sudou isn’t wrong in the first place.”

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Kushida nodded without hesitation. She’s the type to help out however many times for her friends. To be honest, it’s a really difficult thing to do; something only people like Kushida could do.

“However, it’s probably better to be more careful when telling Sudou directly. Since there’s no point if he doesn’t reflect on it, he should become aware of it by himself.”

“…Alright. I’ll follow Ayanokouji-kun’s advice.”

Changing her line of thought, Kushida stretched her back.

“Let’s go look for a witness now.”

After returning to the classroom, I joined up with the others.

“Were you unable to persuade Horikita in the end?”

“Sorry, we tried.”

“It’s not Kushida’s fault. We should be fine with the people we have.”

“I look forward to working with you, Ike-kun, Yamauchi-kun.”