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What is the people who make money online?

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Everyone felt that they would be a good angle.

However, it was a pity that Boss Pei did not accept the interview.

“If Boss Pei does not have the time... why not change to someone else? Boss Pei was not the only investor of Thriller Hostel. There is Boss Li from Fu Hui Investments who invested a lot of capital,” A staff member suggested.

Another staff member also nodded in agreement. “Yes, you can interview Boss Li. The effect should be the same since he is also an investor.”

Zhang Lixian thought for a while and felt that really seemed to be a good alternative.

Boss Li of Fu Hui Investments also invested in the old industrial zones, which was also commendable. Moreover, he worked alongside Boss Pei so he should understand the inside story during the construction process.

Zhang Lixian found the phone number of Fu Hui Investments and successfully managed to contact Li Shi. She explained her intention: to arrange an exclusive interview to share their thoughts on investing in the old industrial zones and the reasons for their success.

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Li Shi agreed over the phone.

Zhang Lixian was elated. “Boss Li, then shall we go to your office for the interview? Let me know a convenient time for you.”

Li Shi was silent for a moment over the phone. “If it is to introduce a successful investment experience... then I have a better location for the interview.

“Sloth Apartments at the Dawn of Prosperous City.”

Apart from the story mode itself, many other aspects of Ocean Stronghold surprised Chen Sha.

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For example, the hand sensitivity during battles!

Chen Sha was an elite gamer in FPS games and possessed superb skills. He was extremely skillful in techniques such as burst fire and target tracking.

To put it simply, he had excellent shooting skills. That meant that he had high expectations for the hand sensitivity of FPS games.

The gaming experience for FPS games mostly focused on the game’s hand sensitivity.

When he was trying out Bullet Hole, Chen Sha was a little shocked by how far the game producers had gone to perfect the game. Bullet Hole had almost reached the level Counter Strike was at.

However, what Bullet Hole did was mainly replicating Counter Strike.