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He An studied the words closely. As his lips parted, his expression became shocked; his mind filled with question marks.

What was the meaning of this? Was Tengda messing around?

This pricing model was completely novel to He An, despite all his years as a game designer and his vast knowledge!

Other dual protagonist modes could be found in the game, and players could usually choose which character they wanted to be once they entered.

Yet, this game had separated both dual protagonist modes!

On top of those, both of them were priced differently. One was 79 yuan and the other was 19 yuan—almost four times cheaper!

Would the poor version really have four times the content of the rich version? Obviously not!

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The most ridiculous thing was that buying both versions would prevent one from enjoying the discounts. They would have to pay 128 yuan, which was six times more than if they only bought the rich version!

To He An, this pricing strategy was extremely ridiculous. That 19 yuan was obviously too cheap, but 128 yuan was too expensive. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to sell each game for 98 yuan?

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Was the pricing strategy out to push gamers to only buy the rich version?

What’s more, the synopses seemed cruel.

The rich version seemed to hint at a bad ending, and wealthy people were advised not to buy it.

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On the other hand, the poor version stated upfront that one could not change their fate. That would be a bad ending as well, and both poor and rich people were advised not to buy it.

Didn’t that amount to everyone?

He An decisively hit the purchase button.

So what if it’s expensive? Do I look like someone who doesn’t have 128 yuan? I’ll buy the games at their original price—I’ll be happy to!

I insist on seeing what exactly you’re hiding in your poor version!