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By the time I noticed, I felt a convulsive pain rising from my abdomen.

『I was kicked』- I understood that fact only after my body was flying through the air.

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(T-This guy… He was going easy on me till now…?!)

The current series of moves is definitely faster than Fu Rudras.

「N-Not yet…!」

I slowly stood up and assumed Seigan no Kamae.

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But the damage from before was so great that my blurred vision hadn’t recovered.

(Damn, pull yourself together…!)

I bit my lower lip slightly and held onto my consciousness with that pain.

As my five senses became clear, I noticed something.

The sound of swords clashing that had been ringing from a while ago was now almost impossible to hear.

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Keeping Rain at the edge of my vision, I fearfully looked around the surroundings and found – hell.

(T-This is a joke, right?)

Many senior Holy Knights, including Ben-san, were wiped out.

The only remaining swordsmen were Ria, Rose, and a few other senior Holy Knights.

(Damn it…)

It seems that those two clones had power far beyond my expectations.

(…What should I do? Escape?!)