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Honestly, she’s not even worth being the other three’s opponent. It’s not weird for her to be immediately kicked out too. But, ironically, it’s because the other three are letting her live because she’s not worth defeating. As a result, although it’s still a danger if she gets hurt, Chiaki is still trying her best to survive.

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Mizumi-kun, who has the smallest skill difference to those three, tried to support Chiaki out and explained.

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“Actually, Hoshinomori-san is already an above-average player. That must be the result of the sleepover, right? It’s just that the other three are monsters…”

Aguri-san nodded.

“Ah, those three are amazing.”

“Yes. It’s so amazing that I won’t suspect if you say this is a world competition’s footage.”

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“Really? Ah, …who’s leading then? Mizumicchi.”


Mizumi-kun froze when he received a sudden nickname. However, he still looked at the screen and said, “Well…” Everyone aside from Aguri-san looked at the screen too. Mizumi-kun announced with a solemn face.

“From my perspective, Main Fushiguro-san and Oiso-senpai are the same. Tendou-san is barely keeping up…”

“I-I see…”

Aguri-san smiled bitterly. …The Game Hobby Club, Konoha-san, and Kousei reacted in the same way.