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When I desperately turned my head and searched for a topic,

「Sorry to keep you waiting-!」

This time, the door in the back left opened, and the president and senpais, who changed into their swimsuits, showed up.

「Nee, Allen-kun. What do you think?」

The president wore a white bikini with a blue border and a long-sleeved gray parka.

Because the front of parka was fully open, the chest area was very emphasized… and surprisingly, she looked really slender.

「I-I think it suits you very well.」

As I had to further avert my gaze, I said so with a downcast look.

Such beautiful women – furthermore in their swimsuits, I honestly didn’t know if it was alright to look.

Then, the president who sensed that,

「Oh-? Allen-kun, what happened?」

While grinning, she leaned forward and looked at my face.

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「P-President… please don’t be mean.」

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「Fufu, it is revenge for before.」the president said, and laughed happily.

(She was probably teasing me due to the『right to order any one thing』, where I slightly teased her.)

I’ve completely forgotten about it until now, but it seems that she remembered it well.

「Well, we’re all ready – let’s go!」

「Err, where is Leia-sensei?」