Online most scientific game

Online most scientific game

On the way back from the sea. Five half-naked, soaking wet men and a young girl walking through the middle of the town must be quite a strange sight.

However, I am already “accustomed” to the stares of the people around me, such as “dismay” and “ridicule”.

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So it didn’t bother me when the people in the town were looking at us and whispering to each other.

“Sparring... mock battle... I’m nervous...”

“Ora, don’t freak out, we’ll do it too!”

“Eh... I don’t want you to get too serious...”

“Sudden mock battles are scary! Man!”

And, surprisingly, they didn’t seem to be ashamed, not even uncomfortable with the situation.

Maybe these guys were “accustomed” to a lot... I thought...... however, that was not the case.

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“Come on, let’s do it! A swimsuit battle with a date with José on the line! Look at my, bi, bikini!”

“That swimsuit looks awfully weak, Chiyo. As expected, I’m the one here with the goods...”

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“Ugh, that’s it. The time has come, for sexy!”

“I, I’m not going to lose.”

“Ku, su, such an unscrupulous match... but I won’t yield!”

At that time, the shoulder of the guys shook greatly when they heard the girls’ voices.

When I looked back at the familiar voices, I saw that it was... uh ... uh ... yeah, I forgot their names already.

Five girls were making poses in front of a crowd of onlookers.