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As we both sank into silence, it was time to analyze her.

From senpai’s body build and form. I analyzed her『sword’s』forte.

(Her developed thighs can be seen even from over the club uniform… I have to pay special attention for the thrust that comes out of that leg power, and also her Iai slash…)

And there’s another point to be worried about.

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(…The center of gravity is flowing slightly behind)

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Perhaps senpai’s sword is a『defensive sword』 – with defense as the main axis and aims for a counter.

When most of the analysis was over, I spoke.

「…Senpai, aren’t you going to come?」

「Fufu, I’m not going to attack my junior incessantly at the very beginning of the match. I’ll let Allen-kun have the first move.」

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「Is that so… Well then, I’ll take you up on your offer. First Sword – Flying Shadow!」

I fired a convenient shot that could attack unilaterally from a long distance without having to close in.

Senpai laughed boldly at my technique.

「Here it comes, the flying slash! But – too naive!」

She probably watched my fight at the Big Five Holy Festival.

Without being taken aback, she calmly slashed down the looming Flying Shadow.