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“Tck, …oh, …Karen-san, …tck.”

“Hmm? Chiaki, why are you mumbling to yourself? Your eyes look pretty dead.”

“…It’s nothing.”

Hiya, I’m glad that the sleepover is finished. I’ll really suicide on the train if I still have to return to Karen-san’s home today.

Let’s put all of that aside first. Anyway, thanks to Karen-san, my excitement toned down for a bit.

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I looked at Keita after adjusting my breath. However…


“Chiaki? What’s wrong?”

“Uh, …well.”

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…Of course, I calmed down. But, this time, I started to notice how physically close we are. Logically, that reminded me of what happened a couple days ago…

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“Why are you looking at my lips? Ah, is there something on there- ah?”


The worst part is that perhaps it’s my reaction. Unexpectedly, he’s not dense enough to not remember what happened too. Finally…


A bittersweet mood surrounded the two blushing souls. …I-I didn’t really hope for this. It’s just because, as I said before, my capacity is too small. I can’t handle all these feelings at once.

Only the snowy scenery outside is rushing past us in this awkward silence.