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Hao Qiong was not the first employee that Wu Bin had found.

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Before this, Wu Bin had tried emailing, calling, and other means of contacting other employees in Tengda Games and Shang Yang Games.

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However, no one paid any attention to him.

No one returned his emails, and everyone hung up on him after he introduced himself.

However, Wu Bin had a mission to accomplish. He was so helpless that he had to resort to the primitive way of standing outside the company’s entrance to wait!

There were higher chances of success in poaching people if they interacted face-to-face.

He did some basic research and discovered that Hao Qian was an ordinary employee, who could be considered relatively marginalized in Shang Yang Games. Wu Bin did not think that it would be difficult to poach him.

Of course, Wu Bin did not dare to go after core workers like Ye Zhizhou or Li Yada. These people enjoyed fame and riches in Tengda. Not only could they produce good games, but they could also earn good money. How could Wu Bin poach them?

However, this man named Hao Qiong was only in charge of basic, miscellaneous roles in Tengda’s subsidiary, Shang Yang Games. He was probably not paid that well either.

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No matter how good Tengda’s welfare and benefits were, Wu Bin guessed that a marginalized employee like Hao Qiong probably could not be treated all that well.

He should be able to poach Hao Qiong as long as he offered a generous salary, right?

Wu Bin had no other choice. His boss had given him orders to poach a few people from Tengda Games so that they could learn from Tengda’s advanced endeavors.

At that thought, Wu Bin sorrowfully paid for both of their drinks and then prepared to display his gift of the gab. He had to seduce this naive-looking, young man to work for his company instead.

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Pei Qian froze momentarily. “Indeed, you’re the most thoughtful, Assistant Xin! I almost forgot about that!”

In theory, outfits shouldn’t be important for an industry such as the gaming one.

For many traditional and finance industries, outfits were extremely important for business meetings.