What is the online typing group?

What is the online typing group?

Now, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s VR experience area has also been officially modified with the popularity of Doubt VR!

Pei Qian was a little flustered, but he quickly calmed down.

“Calm down, calm down.

“The VR experience area has just been opened. It’s more gimmicky. It’s normal and reasonable for everyone to come and play.”

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“After this wave of popularity passes, there will definitely not be many people in the VR experience area. Fish-Catching Internet Cafe will also be able to incur losses.”

“A moment of popularity brings long-term losses. It’s still worth it.”

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After consoling himself, Pei Qian stood up, intending to sneak up to the second floor to take a look.

He knew that the second floor was probably full now, but it was also important to obtain the feedback of the customers.

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What if there were high attendance but customers were not satisfied?

He greeted the waiter and asked him to reserve a seat for him. He had to come down for a meal later.

It was only noon, and the internet cafe was almost full. He had not seen such a grand scene in months.

If Pei Qian went to the second floor just like that, his seat would probably be taken by someone else very soon. Thus, he had to ask the waiter to keep an eye on it.

Pei Qian followed the crowd to the second floor and was shocked by the scene in front of him.

So many people!

Before coming, Pei Qian had expected that there would be many people and all the seats would be filled. However, he realized that he was still too inexperienced.

Not only were all the seats taken up, there were also two people waiting in line!