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So, why was she so fixated on pointlessly ascending a mountain this time around?

While I didn’t really have a problem with letting her go on her own, it would be dangerous for a girl to try and get over the mountain all by herself.

Although I didn’t exactly feel responsible for her, I’d at least like to see her off when I felt better about her future safety.

Furthermore, I still hadn’t figured out why she asked to travel with me in the first place.

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If I chose to part ways with her here, I’d probably never figure out the answer.

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“Alright. If you’ve already made up your mind then I’ll go with you.”

“Thank you very much, Senpai.”

As I looked at her expression, I came to understand something.

That, she had been absolutely certain I would choose to follow her up the mountain.

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“Since we’ve decided on a route we should hurry up and get going.”

It would be pitiful if we only managed to earn one point after making such a big deal out of this.

We made our way east for a while, but not too long after, the path ahead began to incline upward, and the wind started to pick up speed.

The sky gradually turned into an even deeper, darker shade of grey. It seemed like the rain would start coming down any minute now.

I opened up my tablet to check our current location, and the GPS indicated that we were just about to reach the edge of area D3.

As much as I had hoped that we could hold out until we managed to reach the designated area─

I could hear Nanase begin to lose control of her breathing from behind me.

We hadn’t done anything particularly strenuous yet today, so it seemed far too early for her to be already running out of breath.