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I could tell just by seeing how he's taken 1st place in all contests save for the 200 meter dash he was absent for and it's clear from afar that even in the team contests, he's been an overwhelming force.

In regards to that, I need to acknowledge Sudou-kun and evaluate him accordingly.

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"But there are also plenty of areas you need to reflect on. The ultimate proof of that is the fact that you're here all on your own".

"What's the supposed to mean?".

"If you were someone people could trust in and rely on, then rather than me you would surely have a lot of classmates here instead. To convince you to come back".

Perhaps that angered Sudou-kun once again, he gave the table a light kick.

"That attitude's the problem here. Class D's always been bossed around by you. The midterm exam, the incident with Class C. Snapping and going on a rampage this time around. It's because you keep doing things like that that no one will follow you".

"So you're seriously going to preach to me. Spare me, Horikita. I'm really pissed off".

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Having been judged to this extent, Sudou-kun started fidgeting and frantically letting out his feelings of irritation.

"I do think I've done something bad but I can't hold myself back either. That's why it can't be helped right?".

"Amazing how you thought you could carry everyone like that".

"I never said that in the first place. The other guys begged me to, right?".