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“I suppose you’re right. But surely the upper classes also won’t fork over information to a student who just joined them out of the blue. Besides, in the school’s exams, a minus that occurs because of you may come back to bite you. If you deliberately sabotage your class, you yourself will be expelled.”

Understanding that Sakayanagi has completely comprehended the system, Nagumo nodded in satisfaction.

“I’ll just give you this one warning. I don’t dislike that aggressive attitude of yours but you will flounder if you make enemies out of everyone at this stage, you know? Don’t you think it’s better to earn the trust of your surroundings first? It’s still not too late. Build trust.”

“And to use that trust as a weapon to ensure victory?”

“It’s the most efficient strategy.”

A betrayal from someone you’re sure would never betray you. It’d be an attack that would be more than enough to cause critical damage.

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“But if you say to build trust then perhaps you were too quick to throw away the trust you’ve taken care to establish, President? Like you said, don’t you think it would be far more effective to use it at the very end?”

A declaration of war against the former student council president during the training camp. And the betrayal of that trust.

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“I threw away the trust?”

In response to Sakayanagi’s words, Nagumo gave that response while looking like he was holding back laughter.

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“I definitely lost Horikita-senpai’s trust and the trust of the students of 3rd year Class A. But nothing’s changed in regards to the 2nd years and the other 3rd years. The 1st years will come to understand that right away too.”

Nagumo’s tough act and his conceit.

For a moment, that was what Sakayanagi thought but she immediately changed her mind. Even breaking the rules he established with Horikita Manabu had been something planned from the beginning.

It may be a consensus that the 2nd years had reached beforehand.

“Let me make a correction here, Sakayanagi. I acknowledge your talent. If you wish to join the student council at any point in the future, I will allow it.”

“Thank you. That aside, I’m glad I came here today. I was able to learn the sort of person you are, President Nagumo. At the very least, I’m glad to know that you and I are more alike than I ever was with President Horikita.”

Politely bowing her head, Sakayanagi left the student council room. And when she did, Nagumo immediately followed her.

“You left your hat.”

“My, my. Thank you very much.”