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"You don't make any oversights, do you?".

In preparation for her date with Hirata, she bought Hirata a present. No matter how anyone looks at it, there's no doubting the relationship between those two.

"Then wouldn't it have been perfect if you had handed it over to Hirata?".

".........that's right. Normally that would be true".

Slurring her words, Karuizawa cut in.

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"Hey Kiyotaka, since we were on the topic of Yousuke-kun I'm sorry but......".

"If I happened to.......break up with Yousuke-kun......will I no longer be useful?".

She cut in with that.

"Is that the reason why you didn't hand over your present to Hirata?".

"That's, right. Is it unfair of me to be saying this after things didn't work out with Satou-san?".

The thought that I might find Satou more valuable than Karuizawa, that is what Karuizawa is terrified of.

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But I cannot say that there is no risk in breaking up with Hirata, not even as lip service. It's obvious that this is an action that would lower the value of the existence known as Karuizawa Kei.

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However, this is no longer the case. Even if her value were to decrease, it is now within the range of acceptability.

"You are no longer the old Karuizawa. Even without the existence known as Hirata, there should be no change from your current status. Nothing will change".

"But, me breaking up with Yousuke-kun, was something you didn't think of right?".

The anxieties Karuizawa held, were by no means trivial. In response to that, I continued speaking.