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Qiao Liang was scared out of his wits. He panicked and ran towards the entrance, but that door had already been locked automatically. No matter how hard he tried, he could no longer get it open!

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The beast under the bed was going to crawl out at any moment. Qiao Liang had no choice but to run to the other door—the only other exit.

Clearly, when he was lying on the bed for the ECG test, the ‘beast’ had already been lying quietly underneath it, waiting for him to turn back to retrieve his golden lantern.

Qiao Liang opened the door in a panic, wanting to rush out. However, the moment he pulled open the door, a dead body dropped from the opposite wall without warning!

It was a tiny corner. After opening the door, Qiao Liang was to turn right. However, that ‘corpse’ hung from the wall directly opposite the door. A noose had been tied around its neck, causing the corpse to dangle in the air. It was the female doctor that had given Qiao Liang his ECG test earlier.

‘She’ was now bloodied all over, and there was an inexplicable smile on her face.

Obviously, this was a doll that had been created after that doctor’s image. However, it looked so life-like. Coupled with the little light that permeated into the corridor, it still terrified Qiao Liang.

He took two seconds to recover from the shock... before he gripped his golden lantern tighter and escaped!

There was another long corridor ahead. However, this time, it was more mottled, dilapidated, and scary compared to the previous one. It had more turns and twists as well.

Every turn was a shock to Qiao Liang.

The long corridor was very quiet as if no monsters would suddenly appear, but such a cramped environment gave Qiao Liang great mental stress.

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It was only then that Qiao Liang finally remembered.

He was being tricked!

The girl at the front desk with the zombie getup was terrifying but not scary. She first raised Qiao Liang’s psychological state and alertness more gradually.