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The esports business had not developed properly yet. It was not famous or structured. Thus, Zhang Yuan did not know that the organizers could not form teams and ended up causing a big hoo-ha.

There was a big problem now. What should he

Zhang Yuan subconsciously turned to Boss Pei. He was in a fix, and only Boss Pei could solve his problem.

A hint of a smile tugged at Boss Pei’s lips at that moment. He looked like he wanted to say something

Zhang Yuan could not help but feel puzzled. What did Boss Pei’s expression mean?

It was horrible that the club could not form a team to compete in GOG or IOI. Why wasn’t Boss Pei upset?

Does Boss Pei have a solution that he’s not telling me about? Does he want me to figure it out on my own?

He frowned and tried asking, “Boss Pei, what game do you think the club should form a team to compete in, then?”

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Pei Qian sniggered. “GOG.”

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Since you’re asking me for help so sincerely, I’ll give you the answer just as sincerely. First, GOG was likely to lose to IOI. If the club formed a GOG team and GOG became outdated, the team would become equally outdated. Their efforts would go down the drain.

Second, even if GOG did not become outdated, the team would still be disqualified.

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No matter what, Pei Qian would emerge victorious! Of course, Pei Qian would never explain those reasons to anyone.

Zhang Yuan was tongue-tied. Obviously, he was shocked by Boss Pei’s answer.

At the end of the day, they were back at GOG? They could not compete in that game!

Zhang Yuan was beginning to feel light-headed. It was hard to understand Boss Pei’s wisdom.