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However, misleading the matter like that, Tre’ainar forcibly took the conversation in the direction of the training.

『Magical Speed Reading Training!』 [5]

He also suggested a strange training.

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Wha-, speed reading training, it can’t be useful in battle!

And in the end...... it was useful in battle.

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[S1] The word used here, ども(dohmo), is very versatile with lots of meanings. But here it simply works as a greeting.

[S2] [Dragon Circle?] [Thousand Piece??] [Jaeger x Jaeger???] They’ve got [Shonen Jump] Novels in this universe!!!

[S3] But what is the beginning? [It’s still being a] rgued to this day!!!

[S4] They could start a Shounen Review YouTube channel! Great Demon Reviews with Child!

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[S5] Here we go again with the shit naming!!!

Translated by: Sads07

This park right now...

“Say Aah~, Darling, Please~”

“Aaaah, Hmm.”

“Is it delicious?”

“Ish sho good!”

Even though there are people on a carefree date like this, what am I doing in the park?