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“Make way for Earth!”

Breaking through such a crowd, Mortriage’s crew came rushing to me, and without my consent, the four of them lifted me up.

“Whoa, y, you guys! Stop it! It’s embarrassing!”

I was one head above the crowd, overlooking everyone.

Those at the end of the crowd were also looking at me.

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I was embarrassed, ashamed, but my heart was pounding and I was half smiling.

“Little man has come so far… uuuugh.”

『…… I do not mind rewarding his efforts, still this seems a tad excessive…』

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Sadiz and Tre’ainar quietly watched over me.

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“People in this country don’t seem to know that Little man is the son of a hero. In the Empire, no one could see Little man without preconceptions, not even me. But… fufufu… you found it, Little man. A place where you can be seen… as yourself…”

Or rather, Sadiz seemed deeply moved and was crying a bit.

Anyway, why is this happening?

“Ahaha, you’re finally back~, Earth!”

“Elder Sis Tsukshi! What’s this all about?”

Ahead of us, as I was carried and taken down the road, Elder Sis Tsukshi was smiling wryly in an apron.

In the first place, Elder Sis Tsukshi said that she would cook a lot of treats at the celebration today, but I never imagined this scale.

At best, I thought they would invite some friends and acquaintances to the church cafeteria.

But this level is…

“You know, a lot of people brought in gifts saying ‘This is for Earth’, and it was too much for just us, so before long… this~?”