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Is it true that the online rush to make money?

It was aimed at Allen, the owner of the body.

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Sid asked Allen, who has made a strange transformation.

「Bastard… who are you? Don’t tell me『Spirit Core』?」

Spirit Core – it is thought that there is always one residing in the human soul. There are various types of spirits, phantom beasts, ancestral spirits, etc, and soul dress is thought to be an equipment that embodies a part of this spirit core that has its own soul.

「Me? I…」

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He opened his mouth, but quietly shook his head.

「A”a… doesn’t matter… I don’t have to bother telling someone who is about to die.」

He was declaring indirectly that he would「kill Sid」.

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Sid, who understood it immediately,

「Bastard… Who do you think you’re talking to? You’re an eyesore, disappear – 〈Freeze Lance〉!」

He immediately fired a super-massive lance that was more than twice as large as the ones he had fired before.

It was the size of this lance that clearly showed Sid’s caution against the current Allen.