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“I see... you also, from The High Priestess... receive... Divine Elixir...”

“No you’re wrong, I don’t drink that!”


Yes, I’m not drinking that stuff. I was just told about it.

That such a thing existed.

Then, José smiled a little triumphantly at my remark.

“Is that so... you weren’t given the Divine Elixir? Or perhaps...... you were afraid of the side effects, weren’t you?”

“Hmm? Hmm~ ... God~... Maybe god doesn’t approve of it, does he?”

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“I won’t be fooled. You and I are different. After all, you couldn’t handle the risks, you’re half-hearted! You may seem a little strong, but don’t get carried away!”

Trying to be intimidating while you’re covered in puke just makes you look ridiculous.

However, I was relieved.

“I see... so you knew... the risks...... okay then.”

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“...... What?”

“Drink it, if you want. I’m not responsible for your life, I won’t be involved in the path you’ve chosen. If you’re doing it knowing everything, go ahead. That’s on you.”

“Oh, so pretentious... I’ll show you... my true power!”

At that moment, José was so furious, he vigorously opened the lid of the potion.

[Hey, what’s going on!? So the match is over... Hey! Wh, what is this!? José suddenly got revitalized... moreover, is that small physique... getting bigger?]