2016 Making Money Online

2016 Making Money Online

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His plan to incur losses through Mission and Choice might have failed completely but he still had to continue living.

Pei Qian was afraid that his mentality would collapse if he continued to pay attention to these news. Thus, he could only bury his head in the sand like an ostrich. Only then would he be able to calm down.

After all, there was still some time before settlement. There was still hope if he struggled hard.

His method had indeed had a very good effect.

In modern society, information might seem very advanced, but there was actually a very strong “information cocoon house” effect.

In other words, even though there was a lot of information online, it was precisely because there was too much information and there were too many channels to obtain information that people tended to focus only on the parts that they were interested in. The information obtained from different people showed huge differences. Many people thought that they were well-informed, but in fact, they had already become isolated from the world.

In such an environment, as long as he spent a little effort and did not understand some information, these things would not exist.

Now, Pei Qian felt that he could almost walk out of the “information cocoon room” and recognize reality.

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Since the box office of Mission and Choice had already been settled, there was no point in running away. It was better to recognize reality early and prepare for a tough battle.

Pei Qian opened Gou Yan application, intending to check the final box office of Mission and Choice.

However, when he opened the application, he saw a notification pop up on the home page.

“‘Mission and Choice”s screening period has been extended by two months!”

This news stunned Pei Qian. He was not mentally prepared at all. Three question marks floated above his head.

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What did I do wrong? I haven’t logged into Gou Yan application for more than half a month, and now it’s sending me such a dazzling message!

Pei Qian clicked on it in shock.

“According to the news from the distributor, the recent popular movie ‘Mission and Choice’ has been extended. It will be released for two months from May 14th to July 14th. At the same time, the movie has adjusted the ticket prices for all types of movies.”

There was a screenshot of the announcement.

The title of the announcement was “Notice of the delayed date of the ‘Mission and Choice’ key and the adjustment of the lowest ticket price”.

The content of the notice was very simple: the key to Mission and Choice would be extended by two months. At the same time, the lowest ticket price of the movie would be adjusted. According to the difference between the city and the cinema, ticket prices would generally decrease by five to ten yuan.