Internet, said the Internet is really the money

Internet, said the Internet is really the money

However, on further thought, the voice-overs were not real but players would get angry when the voice-over dissed them!

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Players had been fuming with anger because of the voice-overs on their first play. It was quite satisfying now that they had an assistant who was criticizing the voice-overs back, rendering them speechless.

What’s more, this little bickering assistant had also indirectly pointed out the pros and cons of various choices for players. It might not directly point out what the right choice was but it also gave players more reference information when making choices. It was quite amiable.

The only regret was that the voice of the little assistant was emotionless. While it did not sound as annoying as the voice-overs, it was not much better.

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When they cleared the game, the little assistant would tell the player its name: AEEIS. There was no other information.

There was also a new way of playing that was to show the care and concern to the new players.

Qiao Liang tried it out and realized that it was a heaven for the sarcastic people and people who loved to bait others.

Theoretically, the right way to play the game should be for the old players to guide new players who did not understand the game to make the right choice. That way, both the new and old players would be happy.

However, when he started playing, he realized that that was not the case at all!

After going through the voice-overs, the old gamers had become weirdos with their own unique styles.

Some old players would purposely lead the new players down the wrong path.

Some old gamers would not reveal any answers and would only start to mock the players after they had chosen wrongly.