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Online chess make money

After all, they could perform all they wanted. However, if they messed up, it would be akin to losing a hundred yuan, and that would be extremely painful.

They had only prepared so many ways to perform with the other party because they were afraid that the audience would get tired of the same old strategy.

Instead, they would intersperse the competition with all kinds of tricks and make the game increasingly interesting as it proceeded. If they could capture the audience’s interest, they would give them high ratings, and they would stand higher chances of winning the hundred thousand yuan.

Team Two was going first. Huang Wang gestured to his teammates to follow the first plan—to win without killing a single opponent.

The moment the competition began, the live-stream room flooded with bullet screen comments. It was five minutes into the game.

“DGE Team Two’s foundation is very solid, and they fill up beautifully! They are good at positioning and strong at both laning and zoning. Those in all three lanes are excellent!”

“Huang Wang’s a bit aggressive. The opponent has already been forced home twice. Many soldiers haven’t been killed.”

“It doesn’t seem groundless for Waiwai to praise the DGE Club for being invincible.”

Ten minutes into the game...

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“What is DGE doing? How did the score become 0-5? The jungler keeps farming without caring about whether his teammates live or die.”

“Why are the players on all three lanes so bad at ganking? How are they being caught so frequently? Since when was the other team’s jungler so strong?”

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“That’s alright. DGE’s team always dies only after they push through. They’re not lagging behind on developments, and they’ve gotten all the resources on the map. Both sides still have equal resources.”

“Are they performing at all? Why do both teams look so serious? Neither one of them looks like they’re fooling around.”

“Is this the invincible DGE? What a joke!”

Twenty minutes into the game...

“How is DGE at 0-12 now? Can’t they kill a single person?”

“Why does the other team always manage to get away while critically injured? They’re so lucky...”