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Spotting them, Sudou asked Horikita to issue her order.

"Let's wait and see. We still don't know what Ryuuen-kun's after".

Just like Ryuuen himself said earlier, there's no rule forbidding students from interacting with other classes and it's common to do so. There's nothing we stand to gain from interrupting them at this stage.

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While approaching them, we observed the situation.

"Hey, hold it right there, Kouenji. Humor us a bit".

"What is it with you lot? I don't recall doing anything to make you hinder me like this".

Since Ishizaki's in the way, I can't see Kouenji's face but the tone of his voice is as its always been.

"You don't get to decide that".

"Hmph. You're certainly not the one to do so".

Kouenji looked around at Ryuuen's Class C entourage. There isn't a single trace of anxiety or panic reflected in his eyes.

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"You remember me, don't you?".

With both his hands in his pocket, Ryuuen moved to stand in front of Kouenji.

"Of course I remember you. You're Class C's Delinquent-kun, aren't you?".

"I've turned a blind eye to you back then but today you're coming with me, you freak".

"Apologies but I was quite busy that day".

He apologized while brushing his hair back. Didn't look like much of an apology.

"But I can't pretend I didn't hear that. By 'freak', are you perhaps referring to me?".