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If that was possible, I wanted to follow an easy route which led to a stable future.

In order to accomplish that, I needed to make all the students of Class D work twice as hard…

Looking back at the past year, I already reckoned it would be impossible, and half given up.

Indeed, there were some talented students in my class.

Like Horikita-san, Hirata-kun, and Kushida-san. There were also smart students like Yukimura-kun and Mii-chan.

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But this was not enough. In fact, most of the students were holding us back. If you added it up, our class would still be in a negative state.

if there were just 2 or 3 more students on a similar level to the ones I mentioned earlier…how frustrating!

Yes——That was correct.

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I was tormented by that thought until Ayanokouji-kun appeared right in front of my eyes.

Although this was just a one-sided conjecture, I suspected that Ayanokouji-kun might be the same type of person as me.

I’ve always felt, from the beginning that he just wanted a life that belonged to himself, which was the reason he entered this school.

Even compared to me, he did not have as much of a desire for success, and he didn’t care for the categorizations of Class A or Class D.

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But despite that, he held great power.